Comparative IFI Dataset

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Comparative IFI Dataset

A dataset on Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs)

The Comparative Independent Fiscal Institutions Dataset (CifiD) provides information about the legal provisions of forty-four expert bodies that monitor fiscal policy and performance, so-called Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs). The dataset covers legislation on the mandate, powers and design of institutions in thirty-nine countries over time until end-2018.


The CifiD contains items that refer to the institutional properties of fiscal monitoring bodies as defined in legislation, classified along the dimensions

Based on these items this dataset provides new indices on formal independence and expert proficiency, allowing researchers to investigate the roots and effectiveness of fiscal monitoring and its effects on the fiscal performance of national governments more thoroughly.


The CifiD covers expert bodies with a legal monitoring mandate in thirty-nine countries, inlcuding legistalive changes to that mandate.

Australia Czech Republic Italy Romania
Austria Denmark Korea Serbia
Belgium (2) Estonia Latvia Slovakia
Brazil Finland Lithuania Slovenia (2)
Bulgaria France Luxembourg South Africa
Canada Germany (2) Malta Spain
Chile Greece (2) Mexico Sweden
Colombia Hungary (2) Netherlands United Kingdom
Croatia Iceland Peru United States
Cyprus Ireland Portugal  



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